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Pursefonee Ophila Bitz

Follow Sister Pursefonee on Facebook! Pursefonee met her first sister while visiting San Francisco in 1999 when she stumbled upon a street party on Easter Sunday in the Castro. There she saw Sisters that seemed seven-feet tall. “One was covered in butterflies, and all of them radiated a sense of fabulousness,” she said. “After talking […]

Sister Deca L’Etage

Sister Deca L’Etage Follow Sister Deca on Facebook! Before becoming a sister, Daniel was on holiday with his good friend Jocelyne Bezzi-Batani in Pensacola, Florida, for Memorial Day weekend. He watched as Jocelyne donned her coronet, sprinkled on some glitter, and became Sister Constellation. She followed Constellation to the beach where she commenced baptizing gay […]

Sister Ann Wenita Morelove

The Valentine Nun Follow Sister Ann on Facebook! Before becoming Sister Ann Wenita Morelove, the man who would become Sister Ann had grown up repressing his true sexual orientation. He never imagined that being gay (though he was gay) was an option. He was married for ten years and he is the biological father of […]

Freudainschlip, the Angel in Waiting

Freudainschlip, the Angel in Waiting Freudainshlip, the Angel in Waiting, cannot remember her first encounter with the Sisters, but he thinks it was meeting Sister Soami Deluxe at a Beltane gathering. “A need to paper over a black hole in [her] soul” motivated Freudianshclip to join the Sisters. He is further motivated by this quote: […]

Saint middle

Saint middle Saint middle has been present and a staunch supporter since the Music City Sisters were just an idea, during good friend and founder Sister Right Sarong’s long journey to receiving her veil.  Sister Soami had been a mentor to them both.  He was made a Saint during the first year of the house’s […]

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