WHO are the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence?

We are an order of 21st Century Queer Nuns dedicated to the promulgation of universal joy and the expiation of stigmatic guilt. We work to raise money for AIDS charities, fight for queer rights and visibility, and do safer sex outreach, never taking ourselves so seriously that we forget to have fun. We gladly welcome all races creeds, genders, and sexual orientations.

WHAT do the Sisters do?

PROMULGATION OF UNIVERSAL JOY to bring laughter and humor to all situations. The order tries to exorcise the gloom of conformity and perform the role of sacred clown.

EXPIATION OF STIGMATIC GUILT to end the centuries of oppression that have been laid upon the hearts of so many. Absolution is achieved thru ending shame relating to gender roles or sexual behavior.

HABITUAL MANIFESTATION to show our vocation, and the public ministry of wearing the habit.

PERPETUAL INDULGENCE is both a name and a way of life. The Order claims a perpetual indulgence from self-punishment, guilt, and despair.

By eradicating guilt and promoting universal joy, we aim to end prejudice and intolerance towards those who ‘dare to be different’. By manifesting in habit, the Sisters and Brothers challenge gender stereotypes and the oppression of organized religious orthodoxy, which still refuses to accept queers (or, indeed, anyone living an ‘unacceptable’ lifestyle) as being equal members of society with a right to their sexuality.

WHEN did this all start?

The organization started in 1979 in San Francisco, California.

Click here to see our Sistory.

WHERE are they located?

The Sisters haves grown to include sister houses all over the world with close to four hundred nuns worldwide.

Click here to see our World Domination.

WHY be a Sister of Perpetual Indulgence?

In addition to fundraising, the work of a Sister also includes ministry, education and entertainment. We organize, plan and throw events, some of which are very large and complex. The Sisters regularly visit local hospices, bringing joy to the people there. We also have some very intense one-on-one sessions with the people we meet while out. Ours is a “ministry of presence”. The Sisters frequently act as educators, lecturing to classrooms of students and informing the cute boy at the bar about the risks of unsafe sex. And if you’ve ever been to one of our bingo games or any other event that is hosted by the Sisters, you have seen us in our role as MC and hostess. Being a Sister requires a lot of different skills and an investment in time, energy and money.

HOW do you become a Sister?

It takes a special type of person to become a Sister of Perpetual Indulgence. It is not for the prude, the blue nosed, or the feint of heart. Sisters are humanitarians and sacred clowns of the community. Above all, sisters are activists who are continually working toward the betterment of the world around them. And, contrary to the idea that being a sister is just about the glory, there is a great deal of unglamorous work that goes on behind the scenes for which there often is not a kind word of thanks, or even a grunt of approval. So, in order to maintain the level of integrity for which the sisters have become known, it is necessary to screen all prospective sisters. And through a year of service to both their organization and their community, each individual with the help of his or her order determines whether the sisterhood is right for that prospective member. Visit the SPI site if you would like more information on becoming a nun.

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