Sister Ann Wenita Morelove

The Valentine Nun

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The Valentine NunBefore becoming Sister Ann Wenita Morelove, the man who would become Sister Ann had grown up repressing his true sexual orientation. He never imagined that being gay (though he was gay) was an option. He was married for ten years and he is the biological father of three children. Once he came to terms with who he was (in his mid-thirties), he met his life partner. Together they raised his three children and his partner’s daughter. Over time, they became a family.

That pre-Ann man was also a pastor of a mainline denomination for ten years. Coming out as a gay man while being married, a parent, and a preacher, was frightening and difficult.

“I was rejected by my church—as softly as possible—yet still rejected. I ‘surrendered in good standing’ the ordination that I spent years preparing for and practicing when I sat in my bishop’s office and told him I was gay. On that day I also surrendered my identity. I felt lost. And while I am blessed beyond belief with a supportive lover and family, I continued to be lost; until the Sisters.

“Being a nun for the queer community reminds me of being ordained for the church. In both ordination and elevation to fully professed status as a Sister, the community acts to validate ones gifts as authentic and needed. What has happened before has happened again, only this time the community has validated the real me. I am overwhelmed by grace, gratitude, and love.”

Sister Ann Wenita Morelove hands out about as many felt stick-on hearts as she does condoms. She wants to do all that she can to help people choose love over fear. She strongly believes in the Sisters’ mission to spread joy and banish guilt. She wants to be love. She is the Valentine nun.

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