Saint middle

Saint middle

Saint Middle

Saint middle has been present and a staunch supporter since the Music City Sisters were just an idea, during good friend and founder Sister Right Sarong’s long journey to receiving her veil.  Sister Soami had been a mentor to them both.  He was made a Saint during the first year of the house’s existence as part of its participation in Nashville Pride Week’s Spirituality night..

St. middle has been deeply moved by a number of experiences with the Sisters.  A November 2010 trip with Srs. Soami, Deca, & Maxzine to participate in the annual School of the Americas Watch vigil at the gates of the U.S. army’s Fort Benning, GA military base was one of the most profound.  “For me, that kind of activism, ritual, and love is what exactly what it means to be a Sister,” he said.

Saint middle is an HIV/AIDS and queer health educator, advocate, activist, and organizer who “works for everyone and is employed by none.” The Music City Sisters are blessed to call him their Saint.

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