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Pursefonee met her first sister while visiting San Francisco in 1999 when she stumbled upon a street party on Easter Sunday in the Castro. There she saw Sisters that seemed seven-feet tall. “One was covered in butterflies, and all of them radiated a sense of fabulousness,” she said. “After talking with several Sisters, I learned what they were about and I realized they were devoted to and loved the community.”

 Pursefonee didn’t meet a Sister again until December 2011, when she ran into Sister Evita Zane (then Guard Noah Fence), Sister Fagala Tina Pfischzoot, and Sister Wendy Yugitov in a bar. “They had me at, ‘Hello!’” she says.

Over the next several months Pursefonee accompanied the Sisters on various outings. Soon, her suspicions were confirmed: The Music City Sisters were fabulous, and they were devoted to and loved their community, just as  she remembered from her Sister encounter in San Francisco.

Pursefonee describes one outing in detail:

“Once at Bar AIDS at Play Dance Bar, I was chatting with a small group of young people.  We talked about Nashville being a good place to be sick, given that there are so many great hospitals. I talked with the group about Nashville CARES and the amazing work they do.  I talked about the Comprehensive Care Clinic and how they didn’t simply treat HIV/AIDS, but treated the entire patient and all of his or her ailments, not just HIV.  I discussed the Vanderbilt Clinical Trials and the astounding accomplishments in HIV/AIDS research being done right here in Nashville.

“A Lady Gaga song started playing and off they ran to dance.  A few moments later a young man from the group alone returned with tears in his eyes. He held my hands and thanked me for our conversation.  He said he had been recently diagnosed HIV+ and that he was at a loss as to how to go on with life. He said his encounter with the Sisters and with me had given him information and hope for tomorrow.”

When out of face, Sister Pursefonee Ophelia Bitz and Sister Ann Wenita Morelove have been partners since 2000 and have raised four children together. “Even boring suburbanites can become Sisters,” she says.

Not surprisingly, Pursefonee’s favorite color is Swarovski rhinestones, and her favorite quote is “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world” – Anne Frank

Sister Pursefonee Ophelia Bitz novice project was to start a Sister’s Night at Canvas Lounge, this event, held the first Thursday of every month, is a laid-back entertaining evening with the Sisters. We spend a few hours sharing who the SIsters are and what we do, all while raising money. A different organization is chosen as beneficiary each month.

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