Sister Eunice Bea Kidden

Sister Eunice Bea Kidden

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Eunice Bea KiddenSister Eunice Bea Kidden travels the dark corners and glory holes of life leaving a trail of blue glitter and broken hearts in her wake.  Her first encounter with a Sister of Perpetual Indulgence was at Short Mountain in 2006.  The Sister was Sister Right Sarong.  She emerged a vision on the knoll and Eunice became entranced with this radiant creature, and thus began an obsession.  It would take another 4 years before Eunice was ready to begin her journey.  You see, she had been running her whole life, but she was scared to stop and just take a step in the right direction.

Sister Eunice worked at a GLBT bookstore for many years until it went belly up. Eunice suddenly found she had time and energy to devote to a local organization, and she immediately thought of the Sisters.  She wasn’t sure she had the personality to be a Sister since she is fairly shy and reserved.

Eunice remembers her first meeting with the Sisters and says,  “I was as nervous as a one-legged J-Lo before a butt kickin’ contest.  I couldn’t even come up with a name.”  Then she heard a voice in her head say, “Eunice Bea Kidden.” It was then that she knew she was ready.

As a Sister, Eunice believes in the power of laughter and love above all others.  She also believes in the power of bacon.  And tacos.

Eunice remembers one event in particular that embodies what it means to be a Sister of Perpetual Indulgence:

“The day before the 2012 AIDS Walk, I had gotten a positive test back on my first STD, and I was truly down in the dumps.  I was embarrassed, humiliated and my mind was not on the walk.  I was also a little bummed at my outfit. While  I was trying to look sexy, all I could see was frumpy.  The Sisters lined up and stepped off on the walk, and I thought of the people I was walking for. I thought of the dead. I thought of the calls people had to make when they tested positive. I thought of the embarrassment and humiliation and fear they must have felt. It was a moment. I looked down and instead of seeing frumpy, I felt I truly looked nunly.  Then I lifted my hand and waved.”

Eunice has been waving ever since, and with each wave she dismisses a little more embarrassment, a little more humiliation, a little more fear. Her waves give others the opportunity to wave a joyous greeting in return.

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  1. Leah says:

    You??? Shy and reserved? Nuh uh. Maybe around people you don’t know well. 🙂

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