Sister Deca L’Etage

Sister Deca L’Etage

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decaBefore becoming a sister, Daniel was on holiday with his good friend Jocelyne Bezzi-Batani in Pensacola, Florida, for Memorial Day weekend. He watched as Jocelyne donned her coronet, sprinkled on some glitter, and became Sister Constellation. She followed Constellation to the beach where she commenced baptizing gay men in the Gulf of Mexico!

Always interested in community work, Daniel learned more about the sisters and found that their mission to spread joy and erase guilt was translating in his spirit as a calling. And so Sister Deca L’Etage came into being.

“I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for community work, and as a former missionary-to-be, I find this type of evangelism (sending out joy and erasing guilt) to be much more fulfilling.”

The most memorable event for Deca as a sister was the School of the Americas Vigil at Ft. Benning, Georgia. “A lady approached me with tears in her eyes, because seeing a queer nun for the first time, well, the comedic effect helped heal some old wounds related to her experience of the Catholic church.”

Sister Deca’s novice project was Soak-A-Sister in 2011.

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