Sister Wendy Yugitov

Sister Wendy Yugitov

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Sister WendyOnce upon a time in a land far, far away…well as far as Texas is from Tennessee…  There was a young, son of a preacher man, who knew there was more to life than anything he had yet beheld.  After gypsying around the South for a short time, our young man found his way to Nashville, TN.  It was here that Sister Wendy Yugitov was born.  

Having been raised in “The Church”, I have always felt a deep call to the spiritual aspects of life.  I first felt my call while watching the Logo In The Life special on the Sisters.  It was here I realized that there was an opportunity for ministry that involved all of my favorite things…  Laughter, Camp, and…well… Makeup!  I truly believe we represent the Divine Fool.  That aspect that always speaks and shows the truth in a playful manner.  You can truly be yourself in the presence of a Sister.
The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence were a beacon of light to me during a dark time of my life, and I strive to be the same for others around me.  There are so many obstacles in this queer life that can bring a person to the brink of no return, but I believe there is always a light, and a love, that says we are not alone.  That light is our community; it is the love we can show for each other.
Wherever you are, be all there…and be FABULOUS!
Sister Wendy Yugitov,
Hope Nun II Late


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