Sister Enya Face

Sister Enya Face

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Sister Enya FaceSister Enya Face decided to join the Sisters in 2006, although she had been helping Sr. Soami for several years before that. Her decision to join was based on three things: a) Sisters looked so kewl! b) Sr. Right kept nagging her to become a nun, and c) she felt the calling.

She considers that last reason a little odd. Sister Enya doesn’t care much for religion. “It’s the organizations that bother me,” she says, “not the specific religions.”  But but she found herself being called to work with the community in a spiritual, financial, activist and fun way – so she joined.

Specifically, her calling has led her to work with youth, helping to educate, minister, and erase the guilt and shame that society still tries to instill in the young people of our community. “And I want to have fun doing it

Sister Enya’s favorite moment as a sister happens often, usually several times during any event. It’s that single initial moment when people turn around and see the Sisters. Their faces light up, their eyes get wide, and they break into an uncontrollable smile. Each time it happens, Sister Enya remembers the Sisters’ mission “to promulgate omniversal joy” and she remembers why it is she is a Sister.

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