Meet the Sisters

A sometimes incomplete list of members of the Music City Sisters…


Sr Right Sarong

Sr Enya Face

Sr Evita Zane
Sister Right Sarong
Sister Enya Face
Sister Evita Zane

Sister Wendy

Sr Faegala Tina Pfischzoot

Sr Eunice Bea Kidden
Sister Wendy Yugitov
Sister Faegala Tina Pfischzoot
Sister Eunice Bea Kidden
annthumb pursefonee Sister Soami DeLux
Sister Ann Wenita Morelove
Sister Pursefonee Ophelia Bitz
Sister Soami DeLux
Sister Athena Puddytat Sister Terry Yaki

Angels & Guards

Mr. Meaner

 Freudianschlip, Angel in Waiting  Guard Emma Irascible  Guard Mister Meaner, DM


St Middle
Sainte Pam the MonSter Slayer
Saint middle Sainte Pam the MonSter Slayer


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4 Responses to “Meet the Sisters”

  1. Laura Ewen says:

    I am very interested in joining the Sister’s! I’ve been shamelessly cyber worshipping (in some areas I hear they claim it as “stalking”- such an ugly phrase!) Sister Indica, and she suggested I “knock on your door!

    Did I mention I am a Chef? With 20+ years high-end catering & fundraising experience?? Happy New Year!

    • Sister Terry Yaki says:

      Thanks for visiting! You should come to one of our meetings and see what we are all about. Our VP or Mistress of Novices is the best person to speak with if you want to consider joining the group. Our next meeting is January 16th at 5:00 PM at OutCentral on Church street next to Canvas Lounge.

  2. Noah says:

    To whom it may concern,
    My name is Noah and I have a confession. Until this past year I have lived ignorant of the amazing works and many blessings the sisters have so freely shared. I had just assumed it was a group of get Catholics who felt betrayed by the church, or something along those lines. Shamefully I never once took a moment to learn about the sisters resulting in my missing out on many years of laughter, love and making a difference
    2016 has been a year or learning for me. I have learned that there’s a sister inside of me…..(not that way….teeheehee)
    I have always lived striving to make a difference. It was my motto for so many years. I have been moved and inspired so many times in the short time I’ve been exposed to sister love. I’ve found myself on several occasions asking, what would a sister do?
    I welcome any information on how I can be part of MCS and what is required. This past year has been a challenge for our community and the sisters were an uplifting source of hope, love and support. On behalf of all of us who were blessed thank you all for the work you do, the lives you touch and the souls you lift.
    From my home to yours, have a blessed holiday season. Xo
    Sincerely, Noah

    • Music City Sisters says:

      Hi, Sweetie!!!
      Thanks for your wonderful email! Sister Ann Wenita Morelove will be contacting you shortly with information on how you can get involved.

      Blessings to you!
      –Sister Enya Face

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